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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, June 25, 2007


"Is it my place to say 'good' to the State's sickness? Can I help my King by giving him lies when he asks for truth? Will you help England by populating her with liars?"
--Thomas More in the Hall of Westminster on trumped-up charges of High Treason,
A Man for All Seasons

Sound familiar?

More information as it becomes available...

UPDATE: It has been confirmed. Dean Bernard Dobranski has initiated termination proceedings against founding and tenured Professor Stephen Safranek.

Once again, the Dean and President of Ave Maria School of Law has exacerbated an already volatile situation by this most recent action. The highest paid Dean in the country is threatening a superb Professor, his wife and their 7 children with unemployment. Will the Dean let us know the grounds for this action? Probably not. He will likely say that the "tone" and "spirit" of the question is inflammatory and not conducive to civil discourse. No appeals to Christian charity, so-called, or civil discourse will erase the fact that there is a festering sore that is infecting the body of Ave Maria School of Law. Dobranski is that sore.