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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, June 04, 2007

AMSOL E-Mail Hacked?

I am troubled by what appears to be a hacking into Dean Bernard Dobranski's email account. FUMARE has tried to piece together what must be the likely sequence of events.

Earlier this morning, System Administrator, John Sowder, announced his resignation via email to the All Law School Distribution and All Alumni email lists. In his kind email, he indicated his resignation had to happen very fast, as "[s]uch a position has so much access that quick action is necessary, and proper, to protect our computer systems." Well, maybe he stopped to go to the bathroom on the way out, because his action was not quick enough.

In an apparent computer hacking of some kind, an email - sent to the same distribution lists as Mr. Sowder's email - was sent, purportedly from Dean Dobranksi's account, indicating a "personnel update" of some kind. Although the Dean has been forced to send many such updates in recent months, this one could not pass the straight-face test. Some sick individual communicated that a 2005 AMSOL graduate, Mr. Aaron Keesler, had been "promoted" from Academic Support Coordinator to ASSISTANT DEAN OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS!!

Although Mr. Keesler is, no doubt, a fine individual, there appears to be no basis in his resume or experience - since graduating 2 YEARS AGO! to support his promotion to ASSISTANT DEAN! One would expect a faculty member of some kind to fill the post. One would certainly expect the person selected for this position to have at least been in a law school setting as an administrator of some kind longer than it takes a toddler to potty-train.

And so, despite this hacker's clever attempt, we in the blogosphere are not fooled by his mean-spirited attempt at fool-trickery. Shame on you. Even if you do not agree with the Dean, you should play fair.