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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

World Congress of Familes

One of the most important international events of our time is taking place this weekend in Warsaw, Poland. It is the World Congress of Families IV.
Here are the basics:
More than 3,000 pro-family activists from over 65 countries are expected in Warsaw this spring for World Congress of Families IV. World Congress of Families fosters an international network of organizations, leaders, legislators, scholars and activists seeking to restore the natural family as the fundamental social unit and seedbed of a civil society.

What is the goal of the World Congress?

To shift the public policy debate: From “The Family as an obstacle to development” to “The Family as the source of social renewal and progress” • From “overpopulation” to “under-population” as the demographic challenge of the 21st century • From “The small family and voluntary childlessness as good” to “The celebration of large families as a special social gift” • From “religious orthodoxy as a threat to progress” to “religious orthodoxy as the source of humane values and cultural progress.”

For more information see here.

The World Congress of Families has created The Natural Family: A Manifesto as a kind of guide for the new radicalism and activism that is emerging through out the world as a kind of counter-revolution to the sexual revolution. You can download it for free here (have to register) or purchase it in book form here. It is must reading for the Natural Lawyer (aka, Catholic Natural Law Attorney).
To keep tabs on the on-going talks and events have a look at Vital Signs, as they are on the ground and posting updates from the Congress. Also, have a look at a spy that is there from the enemy's camp. This ought to give you an idea of how effective the World Congress of Families is in making the enemy tremble.