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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Words for Commencement

It is fitting that Commencement takes place today--Mother's Day. All of us have several mothers: our natural mother; Our Blessed Mother; Holy Mother Church; and our alma mater. Professor Rice, in his jurisprudence course, always reminded his students that the things of this world--governments, constitutions, etc.--will eventually pass away; but there is one thing that will not pass away, the human person. We are endowed with an immortal soul and we are made for a life of everlasting beatitude with God. It is our faith in this reality that shows us that we are never alone. All those who have gone before us and who are in the friendship of the Lord are ready to help us in our every need and advocate for us before the throne of God. Who could doubt that our own mothers, after their deaths, would not intercede for us before the Heavenly Throne? Who could doubt that others of the deceased faithful would do the same? Yet, the most powerful and gracious of our heavenly advocates is Our Blessed Mother. How wonderful it is that God's own Mother loves us as she loves her own Son!

Stay close to Our Most Gracious Advocate. Turn to her in your needs. Rattle your beads during your studies for the bar. Entrust your children to her. Remember that Our Lord gave her to us so that she might return us to Him. Be of good cheer and recall that Our Lady will always be with you in whatever you do, if only you ask her. Professor Rice was correct, all things of this world will pass away--even Ave Maria School of Law. Take what you have learned--the nuts and bolts of the law as well as the Church's teaching--and do good. Remember the incarnation of those principles in the lives of your professors. Recall their humility, their courage and their conviction. Fight like them for what is right. Imitate them and their unselfish lives. Imitate too Our Lady. In imitating her, you imitate Christ. If you do that Ave Maria School of Law will never be "a failed experiment."