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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

While Working on a Cure for Cancer . . .

You just never know what can happen when you search for a cure for cancer in your spare time.

Mr. John Kanzius, while working on a cure for cancer, has discovered how to burn salt water. That's right, SALT WATER.

Consider for a moment the impact our thirst for oil has had on our civilization. Energy is costly to source, deliver and use. It shapes our economy, influences our foreign policy, and impacts our environment.

What would happen if that all changes? What if there is a radical paradigm shift in energy supply that is akin to the impact of the Internet on "old media", where instead of energy being rare and costly, centralized in a cartel and dirty to use, it becomes cheap and plentiful, decentralized and clean?

How would the world change if energy was basically free?

Before getting your hopes up too much, one thing the story doesn't address is the amount of energy needed to generate the radio waves necessary for this energy supply to work.

Still it is a marvel to see it.

More info here and here and here.

His YouTube site is here.