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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Speaking about Politics . . .

There is something in the Irish blood that likes the underdog. Maybe that is why Ron Paul sparks my interest.

The Viewer Fox News Poll ranked Ron Paul as the 2nd place winner in Tuesday's debate.

And there is some speculation that MSNBC and CNN misreported the winner of the previous debate.

There is something refreshing about a real point of view in these debates, and a candidate that isn't perfectly polished with canned answers.

Oh, and given the historic issues of the day, there is something powerful about a candidate who leaves no confusion about the dignity of life from conception to natural death especially when he has delivered thousands of babies.

Your thoughts?

UPDATE: The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party is trying to have Ron Paul banned from all future debates . . . odd considering that he is doing so well in the debates. The issue is his blowback analysis of our foriegn policy as contributing to 9/11.

Me thinks the real issue is Ron Paul is deviating from the acceptable Republican script and advancing traditional conservative positions rather than neo-conservative positions.

What you make?


Thomas Woods (Traditional Catholic) has some analysis touching on some of the issues raised in the fumes box.


Compare the above video, with how it is then represented below. The movement is now on to ban Ron Paul from future debates . . .

Do you think that Fox News got this one right?