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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Robotski Falls out of Gate, Fails Torts, Gets hit with the Pitch

In your alumni mailboxes today was a shining gem of inductive persuasion and conclusory logic that once again Uncle Tom can do no wrong, but you meddling kids are f'ing up the cabin.

Wow! The non existent blogs are suddenly important when they can be the cause of Uncle Tom's bad decisions. External Relations efforts? To whom? The little old biddies in SW Florida? Maybe he means the extra picnics on the back deck. External to what? Maybe he means the dean was talking to people in the hall instead of in his office. Nevertheless, he thinks they have been talking to people, about what? we don't know. Only thing they talk about anymore is Florida. Florida ruined the reputation, not the blogs.

The common denominator is not the blogs, it's not Florida, it's the governance, stupid. (but you're just a caveman, and say that you are new to the scene, so you know better than all of us).

It took them this long to admit this? Several alumni have been hearing this message for YEARS. Sorry, Charlie, you lose again.

"Clearly" We learned in law school that the word clearly is used to disguise a conclusory statement by lazy logicians and those who are inducing an audience to reach an otherwise unsatisfactory conclusion. Maybe you should learn the limits imposed by morality on zealous advocacy. Oh wait, that only applies in class. Like Uncle Tom says, Mother Church should stick to morals and stay out of business decisions. Cheap rhetoric is for businessmen, like you.

The "I'm just a caveman" argument got old on Saturday Night Live years ago. After two years, you should have informed your mind far more than you say, and you should be able to rationally discuss the objects, as opposed to playing coy with now seasoned attorneys. Sorry Charlie, the jury just noted that you're trying to be a shyster. Are you going to cry for us too? John Edwards uses that one a lot during closing argument.

Business Orgs: F. The Board may be recognized, but that does not mean they are acting within the bounds of their authority, nor does it mean that they are following the charter of a Michigan nonprofit entity. It also doesn't ensure they haven't breached a number of fiduciary and moral duties. Nice try, Charlie, but try again. Are you gonna cry now? (John Edwards would, John Kerry might, too).

accrue to Collier County? Who the F cares about Collier County? Are you working for the County? We are concerned about AMSOL, not some freaking county in a distant state, nor about padding Bernie's love parachute behind a Florida bungalow, aka Uncle Tom's cabin. Face it, Charlie, you don't even care about AMSOL, at least your rhetoric doesn't say that you do. I suggest that you cry now -- the jury is waiting for it so they can at least say that you made a good show.

Stop expecting to spoon feed us as if we were morons and perhaps we won't fight. There's an idea. Oh wait, this isn't about the law school, you want want to accrue benefits to counties and Uncle Tom.

By the way, Chuck, we're tired of being treated like morons by idiotic rhetoric like yours. Try approaching us like the reasonable adults that we are and perhaps we won't make a parody of your lunacy then.