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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, May 21, 2007

May 14 National Law Journal Article on AMSOL

Commenter "work break" has brought an interesting article about the Ave Maria School of Law controversy to my attention. The May 14, 2007 article in the National Law Journal is entitled: "Michigan law school's relocation is contested: Faculty, some alumni object to Ave Maria's 2009 move to Florida." The Dean, a professor, and two alumni are quoted.

From the article:
The objective of the [Read and White] feasibility study was not to look at the financial aspects of the move, but was focused on demographics and economics, [Dobranski] said. The board created its own task force to examine the costs and financial benefits, and the task force's results were shared with the entire board, Dobranski said, adding that those results were not shared with the faculty because information from board meetings is confidential.

We all know that the Read and White study merely stated that the demographics/economics of Southwest Florida could support a law school, while explicitly declining to address whether a move for AMSOL was a good idea or not. In this quote from the article, it sounds like Dean Dobranski is admitting that the actual reasons for the move, the pros/cons and costs/benefits of a move, continue to remain confidential. WHY? If the move is a good idea, please tell us the benefits of the move and how they outweigh the costs!

Another quote from the article:
Ave Maria School of Law has no affiliation to Ave Maria University, but shares Monaghan as its founder. He also chairs the board of governors for both schools.
Isn't this quote illogical? "No affiliation" means having "no connection." But both schools are headed by the same person (not to mention "founded" by the same person, share names, share some board of governors members, and share locations come 2009.) It's ludicrous to say that there is no connection between Ave Maria School of Law and Ave Maria University.