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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Faber quisque fortunae suae.

Something that has not garnered much chat on this blog is the following (h/t AveWatch) I posted on it before, but it has since been overshadowed by other things:

Says former Ave Maria College Dean of Students Dr. Chris Beiting:

I did confide my frustration with the situation at Ave Maria College to Dean Dobranski of AMSOL.

A lot of people look back at me as one of the organizers of the attempts to save the College and its people, but I was really just following the helpful suggestions of other people, most notably Dean Dobranski.

... we couldn't have done any of it [legal action against Monaghan and his Board]without the help of Dean Dobranski. In a sense, he made it all possible.

This is simply stunning! The good folks over at AveWatch have done their homework in documenting Mr. Monaghan's strange career in academia. It seems, based upon these comments, that Dean Dobranski knew of Monaghan's instability in the exertion of influence in these academic settings and actually tried to shore up some academic credibility to an otherwise dysfunctional institution. Again, from AveWatch:

I went to see Dean Dobranski in early 2004, and he proved to be most receptive. He lamented that there was little he could do about my and my wife's employment situation, nor the breaking of [AMC's] institutional promises. But he did suggest I contact a good labor lawyer, and quietly gave me the names of several of them. One of these names was Joe Golden, and Dobranski noted in particular that Golden had been successful in representing Bo Schembechler against Tom Monaghan in the past, so I considered this recommendation very highly."
It is all very strange. If there is one thing that we do know it is the following: (1) Monaghan demands loyalty, (2) Monaghan has a record of getting rid of people he perceives to be disloyal, (3) Bernie wasn't loyal to Monaghan (as demonstrated above). What next?

Faber quisque fortunae suae.