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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Dirty Tactics of AMSoL Admin

This information was already posted below in one of the comments, but it deserves more prominent attention. When reading the following, remember that it is the FACULTY who came to this young student's defense against a dossier prepared by functionaries in the Administrative wing, a dossier designed to destroy this man's career right out of law school.

Why? Because supposedly this student was critical of the unethical and frankly illegal activities of the Board of Governors and Dean.

This isn't the first time students and graduates have been targeted in the most vicious and ugly manner.

If anyone has a copy of the dossier, please e-mail it to me at st.columcille[at]gmail[dot]com and I will post a redacted version of it.


I received a VERY interesting email from a friend who graduated last year. I have redacted his name, just because there's no reason to have it splashed around. He wouldn't mind people reading this, as he sent this same email to hundreds of his friends. Anyone familiar at all with AMSL knows where this comes from. Congrats to him. He's a true fighter.


May 8, 2007

Dear Friends & Supporters Affiliated with Ave Maria School of Law:

It has been since last December, 2006, that I have last communicated with many of you via this famous e-mail list.

I write now to inform you of good news! After receiving a passing Bar Exam score over six months ago, it is today, May 8, 2007, that I have finally received my license number. Now, at last, I have officially joined the State Bar of Michigan, fulfilling my dream of becoming a practicing attorney to build up the Kingdom of God.

[Redacted at the request of the author.]

And, of course, outside of the office, I remain active in political, Catholic, and pro-life/pro-family issues.

As you already know, I had passed the Bar Exam in July 2006 but my Bar admission was held up because I had not received character and fitness clearance from the State Bar. Back in October 2006, I wrote to tell you that I suspected that something was not right. I was suspicious in part because on March 30, 2006 I had received an anonymous threatening e-mail, which, among others things, stated:

"How do you expect this law school to sign off on your character and fitness if you criticize every move that the Dean and the faculty, who sign off on your character and fitness, makes. Think about it. I assume you are knowledgeable of this requirement."

This anonymous threat was referencing the many public (read: non-anonymous) critiques of the Law School administration’s actions, from 2005-2006, that I distributed via my e-mail list – a list to which approximately one-third of the Law School community voluntarily subscribed. (To this very day, I have never posted or commented on any anonymous blogs, such as the infamous Fumare, since I detest such forums.)

So after receiving notification the day after Election Day, 2006, that I would have to appear before a three-member panel of a District Character and Fitness Committee of the State Bar for an informal interview, I requested – and received – a copy of my Bar file.

It was at this point that I learned that the Ave Maria School of Law Administration had composed (what one reviewer described as) a vicious 10-page memorandum about me, which was accompanied by 56 separate so-called exhibits (totaling more than 250 pages in all), and submitted it to the State Bar’s Character and Fitness Section.

It should be noted that during my time as a student at Ave Maria School of Law I was a strong believer, defender, and follower of the Law School’s stringent Honor Code and was in fact never formally disciplined by the Law School – academically or otherwise. Moreover, as you are all aware, the Law School faculty certified my character and fitness, allowing me to graduate last May 2006.

Accordingly, after the close of my informal interview with the District Committee panel, I received a unanimous favorable decision within 10 minutes.

I would like to publicly thank the several Ave Maria law school professors who reviewed the 250-page manifesto and proceeded to submit outstanding letters of support to the State Bar on my behalf, as did many others of notable reputation.

In the end, the Truth always triumphs.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mt. 5:10).

For the Kingdom,

[redacted] AMSOL Class of 2006

“Never Underestimate the Motivation of a True Believer”