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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An Argument Why the Geographical Location of AMSOL Is Irrelevant

First, you must read this statement submitted by a majority of the faculty.

Now, I wanted to address the argument that the majority of the faculty have taken their position because they do not want to move to Florida. Here is my attempt to demonstrate that the geographical location of the school is irrelevant and, consequently, the faculty are not making a fuss just because they have to move their families.

Many of us, current or former students, came to AMSOL because of its unique mission. Many of us were not from Michigan. If AMSOL was initially located in Florida, would we still have gone to AMSOL? For myself, the answer, without hesitation, is a resounding "yes." I think that many fellow current and former students would agree. I didn't care where AMSOL was located, I would have gone if the school were in Florida, or Oregon, or Maine. I cared about the school's mission and would have attended wherever it was located.

I think that many of the faculty feel the same way. All of the faculty are at AMSOL because of its unique mission. Many of the faculty are not from Michigan. After the school was started, the faculty who joined the school later were attracted to the mission, not the geography. Would they have joined a school that was in a state other than Michigan? I don't know, but I think so if their family circumstances permitted it.

If many current and former students (including myself) and many faculty would have gone to AMSOL in the beginning regardless in what state it was located, including Florida, why is there opposition to the current plan to move to Florida? Because the decision to move to Florida is symptomatic of the undue influence that Tom Monaghan has over the governance of the school. Because the manner in which the move is being carried out on Tom Monaghan's terms is detrimental to the school's well being. Because the underlying problems with the governance of the school, as stated in the recent statement by a majority of the faculty, still remain.

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