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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, May 18, 2007

And Now For Some News About a Truly Great American . . .

You may remember that we recently gave word that one of our esteemed AMSL grads had landed a very impressive position as EWTN's first official General Counsel. Well, in case you still have no idea who that AMSL grad is, allow me to inform you that it is none other than John Manos, Class of 2003!

For those who know John, you know him to be a thoughtful, fun, and insightful man. He brings good humor and a colorful spin to every situation, and, in my view, has a rare ability to see problems from angles that the Average Joe misses. These skills will no doubt serve him well in his new post at EWTN, and I congratulate John on this accomplishment. Not only is it a great thing for all of us as AMSL grads - the position of General Counsel at such an important entity for one of our grads can only help the school's prestige - but it is a testament to John's skill, background and great personality that he takes on this important role at a relatively young age (don't be fooled by the gray hair).

Good choice EWTN, and best of luck to you, John!

Here is the press release from EWTN on John's hiring:

If you are in Alabama, stop in and see John at EWTN. If you don't get that channel at home, shame on you!!