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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

AMSoL Blog Round Up

The story about what is going on at Ave Maria School of Law is getting out and the blogshere is asking questions. Here are a few of the blogs that have picked up on the story (not all friendly to Ave Maria's mission):
***Professor Bainbridge
***The Volokh Conspiracy
***Pro Ecclesia
American Papist
The Irish Trojan's Blog
***Catholic and Enjoying It
The Ivey Files
The Mercied
Feminist Law Professors
The Projection Blog#
***Eric Rasmusen's Weblog
***Money Law
Legal Profession Blog
Lemon Law Directory
***Totus Tuus Maria
TCRNews Musings
Point of Law
***Bullied Academics
Some of the more interesting posts are indicated above in asterisks; those with animus to the mission are indicated by a pound sign.
This is a great summary from Totus Tuus Maria:

I've been following this for awhile. Obviously as an outsider, I can only tell you what I've noticed. I'm sure the truth is more balanced than my take on it. Much of what I know I learned from newspaper articles and from witnessing it second hand in my home town. I apologise for any misinformation, but I think the general picture is clear: Tom Monaghan has a pattern and history of doing exactly what he's not doing [sic] with the law school.

You can see how dreadful the situation in Ann Arbor really is. Tom Monaghan has had the misfortune of running nearly every project he started into the ground. I remember back with the Tigers when he fired presumptuously the great Bo Schembeckler. He had all sorts of administrative problems with the team, and by the time he sold a team which had, in his early years, won the world series (1984), the team was in a slump which lasted until last year! He had a car collection which he had spent all sorts of money on, and then decided he was no longer interested in it. His plans to build the biggest building in Ann Arbor, the "leaning tower of Pizza" never came into fruition though he commissioned a model still there. He invested for awhile in Catholic media, supporting Credo, a great magazine which gained enormous circulation but was never able to development a working economic model. He dropped support and it folded. He got into Catholic radio twice, but pulled out. He supported Catholic lower education, starting the Spiritus Sanctus academies and acquiring my alma mater, Huron Valley School, but suddenly pulled out of lower education to concentrate on higher education -- in so doing he condensed all the academies he had started into one school. He started a college in Ann Arbor and a law school, then decided to move the college to Florida. He fired much of his Ann Arbor staff (including one of my relatives), illegally appropriated the property of Ave Maria College, not only ceased funding the college, but raised the tuition of the students and sent the proceeds down to Florida, fired a woman for blowing the whistle on his illegal financial activities and was subsequently fined over a hundred-thousand dollars -- the case for firing the whistle blowing woman is right now before the Michigan Supreme Court --. He then shut down the college and appropriated the rest of its possessions. He had already shut down St. Mary's which, from all appearances, had been a success story. During the meantime he acquired a campus in South America which, it is rumored, acts rather as a cash-cow for the whole enterprise. The situation with the Latin American campus is dark and complicated and I will not try to rehash it especially since I have no first hand experience with it. He partner shipped with realtors to build Ave Town, and now it seems very much like his major emphasis has shifted from Catholic Higher Education to realestate.

Just let someone try to tell me that the move of AMSOL to Florida is really just Monaghan and the board acting in the best interest of the Lawschool! Tell me it doesn't have anything to do with realestate and the insane desire of Monaghan, whose mind always thinks in terms of "biggest" to build himself a Catholic empire. He is killing the project! I pray very often for Ave Maria and its success, but I cannot see how it can be successful with Tom Monaghan and Nick Healy at the helm. I predict the school will fold within the next dozen years.

Lord have mercy!