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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, April 23, 2007

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth!

Unbelievable. When I read the following quotes from this article, I was, frankly, stunned:

Officials hired a consulting firm last year to examine the school, and found the admissions department to be "understaffed and under-funded," Monaghan said. Consultants also determined that Ave Maria admissions counselors and Director Rich Dittus were using outdated practices to attempt to recruit students, he said.

"We were surprised at how out-of-date we were," Monaghan said. "We found that 70 percent of students make their college decision based entirely on the Internet and Web sites.

"We weren't doing any of that new stuff."

(emphasis added). That. New. Stuff. Uh-huh. You mean the new-fangled "internets" on the "world wide webs" that have been around for the better part of a decade as part of most major institutions' admissions arsenal? My goodness. It actually reminded me of an Advocatus post from last year.

I was simply going to link to AM's post indicating that it was hopelessly far-fetched in light of this article, but then I looked over the comments again just for kicks, and a commenter named "flyonthewall" seemed to capture what most people are probably thinking - that certain people should not be running educational institutions. Recreated for your reading enjoyment is "flyonthewall's" spoof comment:

Great post, AM. Only problem, as evidenced by the significant missteps in this mess, is that they don't get technology, blogging, and . .well pretty much anything else. The extent of the real conversation probably went something like this:

Techy: There is a blog that seems to be one step ahead of you guys, and is getting a number of hits!

P_Tiger: A BLOB? What the f*** I thought that was just in the movies. By the way, I saw the best talkie picture the other day!

Wish I were back at CU: Not a "blob," a "block" like a group of people rabble-rousing, right?

K_I Got Burned: You guys are idiots. Clearly, this peon said a"blond." Some fair-haired idealist trying to throw a monkey-wrench in our plans. Doesn't he know we are right, simply because we are . . .well . . . US!

Techy: [sigh] Wow. Ok, how about this. I'll turn on this magic box. [flips power switch on laptop, with one hand while waving the other hand in the air as if doing magic]

P_Tiger: Oh my gosh! There's gremlins in there or something. Look out, I think she's gonna explode! [flops under womb chair]

Techy: Give it a second. [logs in and goes to FUMARE] All I am saying is this website has a lot of info on it that you probably thought people didn't know.

Wish I Were Back at CU: [waves hand slowly up and down behind monitor to figure out where the "projector" is coming from]. Is this like Atari or something? I bought one of those for my kid once.

K_I Got Burned: Oh please! This is clearly some CIA gadget. Are our actions being monitored by some foreign power something? Clearly they would conspire to stop us!

P_Tiger: I have a brand new Al Jolson record I can put on. Is this thing a record player?

Techy: [sighs again, more deeply] Good grief. [unplugs laptop and walks out of room in frustration]

P_Tiger: That Blob isn't in Florida, is it? I can't handle any more delays in construction!

flyonthewall 10.05.06 - 10:34 am

Fitting, no?