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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The two sides of the AMSL Problem

A recurring theme that comes up is that we here at FUMARE are somehow the cause of destruction to the community. Such maniacal ravings typically cause me to laugh, but occasionally I notice a trend in the motives of the sides. There really does appear to be a chasm between the things anti-ann arbor people say versus those who are pro-promise (and thus, want the school to be governed and maintained as promised).

The anti-ann arbor folks. The first thing to notice about these people is their sheer lack of knowledge of objective facts. First, they base all of their support on some utopian dream of Florida -- the great savior lives there in the marsh of the corkscrew. In order to believe this fact, however, they must ignore several, not the least of which is that there was no reason to stall the Michigan plan -- not when Plymouth offered free land. Even if Plymouth had not offered the land, had the Ann Arbor development plan, submitted by the Great Architect of the Corkscrew Utopia, included but a fraction of care to the area impact concerns, the zoning board would probably have had quite a different result. Nonetheless, we must now place all of this reality behind us for it is eclipsed by the bright future of the Florida sun and a couple of fat heads. The troublesome aspect to these people is not so much that they ignore such things, but that they insist that the promises made are meaningless now: such a viewpoint expressed by them means they believe they can escape their own promises with similar slight of hand. Thus, it raises a question of their belief in the meaning of words. Ironically, these people, despite parsing the word "is" themselves, will be the first to talk about how Clinton destroyed the reliability of public discourse. Really? Does that excuse their own use of such verbal theatrics as well?

The second observation is related to the first. Almost all of the anti-ann arbor folks relate to FUMARE as something that causes them to lose something. A near demonic twist of causal relationships. Last I checked, FUMARE had no power to remove nonprofit institutions from their public place. Oh wait, these people almost never discuss the loss of the great school that had been blossoming in Ann Arbor -- they talk about the loss of jobs, the loss of unity, the loss of a quiet calm environment in which the common lie is peacefully observed in order that all might derive benefit from it. Personal benefit. Getting on the gravy train. Uncle Tom might not pass that benefit on to them if they don't help him break his promise. FUMARE is stealing their easy gig in the Florida sun skimming off of Uncle Tom's estate. Do they really think it would work like that? Ask the Credo people -- better yet, talk to Mother Assumpta in Ann Arbor. The trail of devastation behind Uncle Tom's whims goes back into history long before FUMARE was around.

The third observation is that the anti-ann arbor people are always insinuating wrong-doing to the pro-promise people. They act alot like pro-choicers because their slogans are so similar: They are taking away our rights! They are violent and mean! They want to prevent us from doing what we want.

So much for the anti-ann arbor people.