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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, April 30, 2007

They Still Don't Get It

From the scourge of the baby-boomers, libera nos Domine.

I suppose the JPII approach will not do. You know the one I mean: challenging the young to ask life's great questions--Why am I here? Where am I going? Is there a God? Why is there evil?

JPII's and BXVI's challenge to the young to go outside of themselves to serve others and to conform their lives to Christ and His Church is not earth shattering, but speaks powerfully to the human heart. It is not adolescent or condescending, it is a challenge to the young to be the best they can be--to be what they are created to be. This challenge is a lifelong committment--one that doesn't seem to resonate with the Bishops of England and Wales.

Instead, these Vicars of the "Church of Where It's At" are more concerned with image and how they are perceived. Here is a subtle indication of how they view themselves projected as how the young think of them:
The Church hopes that its manga comic, with pictures of nuns and monks playing pool and surfing the internet, will help to improve the image of the vocation, which leaders believe is seen as "monotonous and boring".

I hope they don't view themselves this way, but it is an all too common occurrence for those in charge--i.e., the baby-boomers--to wander aimlessly seeking some new faddish way to attract young people to a vocation. The result: kids laugh whilst the greying clerics get a new spiritual erection--which will ultimately go away until another cool new idea emerges from the diocesan vocations office. It has happened too many times and indicates a clergy that never seems to have grown up.

Hint for the bishops of England and Wales: Put forth models like Mother Teresa, JPII, BXVI, Edmund Campion, Thomas More, and Margaret Clitheroe. Inspire and challenge the young to holiness, let them not wallow in the selfishness and false images of modernity.