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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FUMARE - Proven Pipe Appeal

Over the last couple of weeks, a few stories have emerged that in essence affirm the accuracy and truthfulness of FUMARE's analysis of the systemic problems around Tom Monaghan's leadership and the effect he has on educational institutions. Links to these stories have appeared here, but mostly in the comboxes, so they merit a higher profile. Thanks to AveWatch.org for keeping the eyes open. Some interesting quotes:

  • "Institutional suicide" was the immediate response of Philip F. Lawler, editor of Catholic World News [after the firing of Fr. Fessio], "..if you're a tenured professor at another Catholic university and you see this happening, you say to yourself, 'If it could happen to Father Fessio, it could happen to anyone -- so what's my incentive for going to work at Ave Maria?' "

  • "[Ave Maria administration] describes the Monaghan vision as something good - but it has a dark side to it - and it excludes some key Catholic features. The dark side is the dependence upon Monaghan's arbitrary focus or level of interest and its idiosyncratic definitions of Catholic faith - Mr. Monaghan seems oblivious to Church doctrine on social justice in his treatment of faculty and staff as "at will" employees. He also spurns centuries-old academic customs and protocols especially those pertaining to faculty status and governance. Unfortunately, the quest for authentic renewal of Catholic higher education has taken some wrong turns under the Ave Maria auspices." - Dr. John Hittinger

  • "How do you recommend a University whose leaders behave as they did in firing their best friend [Fr. Fessio], their most loyal and devoted player? I will say this: things will change over a couple of years, not necessarily right away. However, Masses will change at the very earliest opportunity. That you can be sure of." - Roger McCaffrey (Publisher of Roman Catholic Books & former AMU employee)

  • "Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first introduce to Tom Monaghan." "The body count - including several folks I've known over the years - is high from projects that lost their funding or were suddenly cast aside when priorities shifted. Recent uproars include his handling of Ave Maria College and [the] Law School in Michigan. In the wake of such abrupt decisions, professors, students, entrepeneurs, and good and faithful Catholics have sometimes been left adrift, scrambling to keep themselves afloat as the Monaghan enterprise sails on to other interests." - Greg Erlandson, President and Publisher of Our Sunday Visitor.

  • "Just this past March, 2007, [Ave Maria] university sponsored a retreat for 15 students to travel to a mission ranch in New Mexico. Once there, students attended a Mass where they witnessed many blatant abuses. Among other absurdities, they were made to run around in circles shouting Native American chants near the start of the Mass, then as a group they were made to sing the day’s Holy Gospel, the words of which were scrolling in “bouncy ball” fashion across Teleprompters that had been rolled in for the occasion. When two of the scandalized students brought their concerns to the Jesuits who were overseeing the event, not only were they harshly rebuffed, but their retreat was cut short and the two were put on the next plane back to Florida. When Healy and others in the administration got wind of the incident, the students were severely censured and an effort was made to have them expelled. The move to expel the students ended only after Fr. Fessio stepped in on their behalf, once again saving students who found themselves on the wrong end of the administration from being expelled. Only two days later, Father Fessio would be called into Tom Monaghan’s office and told to get leave campus by day’s end." - a snipet from a forth coming Angel Queen article by "servitium."

The above quotes about the leadership of Ave Maria are from prominent Catholic leaders. Their insight matches FUMARE's on the viability and catholicity of Ave Maria governance.

Given the growing consensus among Catholic leadership (unbeholden to the Monaghan gravy train) that Tom Monaghan is a loose canon who is a cafeteria Catholic of the conservative variety, how can the Board of Governors justify hitching our cart to this run away train (sorry to mix metaphors)?

The final quote above introduces a new level of ridiculousness to this whole mess and shows how out of touch the leadership of Ave Maria actually is, even when considering questions of liturgy and orthodoxy. Can you imagine . . . expelling a student for objecting to liturgical abuses?

The pro-Administration critics of FUMARE have grown silent in the last several weeks, but one of their criticisms was that FUMARE is just a bunch of disgruntled Alumni who are upset because we don't want AMSOL to move to Floridia. FUMARE has maintained that the issue has always been one of GOVERNANCE and this issue would not go away in Floridia but would get worse to the point of destroying the school. As more and more acknowledged leaders in the Catholic community speak out and distance themselves from the Monaghan circus, more and more members of the AMSOL community are acknowledging that the men of FUMARE have Pipe Appeal because they pack their pipes with PURE ANALYSIS!

The FUMARE circle is growing as everyone loves the smooth aromatic smell of FUMARE blend PURE ANALYSIS. Is there really a choice between it and the suffocating alternative of Florida hot air?