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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Excellent Brown Bag Questions

FUMARE has been informed that tomorrow students will be treated to a special guest from Naples. This guest is a member of the first class of AMSoL and retired to SW Florida shortly after graduation in order to take advantage of the future Uncle Tom was bringing to the area.

Scanning some of the recent comments of this guest, we'd like to propose some questions students can endeavor to ask of this very special, unbiased, objective speaker as to SW Florida employment opportunities. remember that this guest has a far superior knowledge of history.

1. Were the Spaniards who settled that part of Florida also involved in the Inquisition?

2. Is 8% really the accepted table tip rate for blue plate lunch specials?

3. How much salary must one make in order to afford both taxes and eat at Naples restaurants such as Tommy Bahamas?

4. Why were the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah so violently against being judged and threaten Lot when they accused Lot of judging them, was Lot on a witch hunt?

5. Can non-Spanish speaking attorneys effectively communicate with clients in Immokallee?

6. Can non-Spanish speaking attorneys communicate with clients in Broward or Dade counties?

7. How far of a drive is it to go to federal court? Can you park near the federal courthouse without speaking Spanish?

8. How far of a drive is it to get to the nearest state appellate court? Will clients pay those expenses?

9. How much business does this guest get from Ave funded endeavors? OF the rest, how much of the work is geriatric-service related (trusts, medicare, social security, etc)?

10. Why did the Cutter and Buck store in downtown Naples close?

That should give folks some ideas at least. Perhaps some of your ideas can go in the comments.

Did anyone go to the brown bag? How was it? Did you learn about witch hunting and how to get the blue plate special at the mexican restaurant opening near AMT?