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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome Detroit News Readers

Laura Berman has this interesting article in today's Detroit News. The piece, "Monaghan's mission hits legal tangles," mentions Fumare as a "lively -- and sometimes funny -- blog that monitors the occasionally surreal world Monaghan is building." Thanks, Laura!

Ms. Berman attributes Fumare to "
students and faculty who are disaffected with Monaghan and disappointed by the move from Michigan to Florida." Though ultimately a minor detail, you Fumare daily communicants know that we Fumaristi are exclusively alumni of the soon-to-be-dissolved Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor. We are, however, still disaffected and disappointed by the shoddy administration of our alma mater and the abject failure of its Board of Governors to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the entity whose interests they profess to protect.

The article is prompted by
Kate Ernsting's success in the Michigan Court of Appeals, which recently vacated a circuit court's grant of summary disposition in her whistleblower case against Ave Maria College. I don't know Kate, nor whether she is a Fumare reader, but if she happens upon our little corner of the Internet I'd like her to know that she is in my prayers as she seeks justice -- or at least her day in court.