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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

St. John's Center for Making (Losing?) Money

Here's a story on what was my first choice for a new AMSoL campus. (My second choice was Concordia, which was on the market a few years ago. Third choice: Naples, Italy. Fourth choice: a site 20 miles from Naples, Fla. Floating in the Gulf on a raft woven of reeds. Fifth choice: Immolakee-Immokalee?-Whatever, it will never come to that, I'm sure.)

Apparently the Pultes are a good Catholic family (from Michigan), God bless 'em. So they might be up for some (legal) attempt to foster a Catholic-friendly town. One can't help but wonder if T$M is also involved with the Inn at the St. John's Center.

Also, our BoG member Cardinal Maida has a track record of secretive, money-losing real estate ventures, so he's a good fit for the Board.

Look, I'm tired, and I have work to do, but I do recommend reading the article. Interesting stuff from the National Catholic Distorter. Not MotherJones, exactly, but I'm sure LW will have some comments.

h/t: Amy Welborn