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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, March 23, 2007

FUMARE Causes Rollback

As everyone knows, FUMARE is well connected, being read in so varied places as quiet quarters of Vatican apartments, Moscow internet cafes, and even in the homes of people who have followed the Moneyhan™ Network™ cross-country. Some of these loyal appendages to the Moneyhan™ even comment on FUMARE from time to time.

After a flurry of page hits in the past couple days, and the realization that they killed one of their own, the PR administration of AMU have figured out that they made a public relations nightmare in the Fessio incident. One keen observer said it was a lot like the Coke fiasco:

We are now pretty convinced that it was a spectacle of public-relationsness. The AMU-NEW formula wasn't as loved as much as the AMU-Classic formula, despite all the research in world demographics and polls taken prior to acting that FUMARE is sure drove the decision in the first place.

It was rumored that a PR leak early this morning announced that Benedict 16, himself, would be the new Chancellor and Provost of the budding Florida school, but sources deep within the Vatican state declared that the administrative preference was for these positions to be in name only, with a shadow administrator operating behind the public figure.

One source deep within Naples confirmed that originally, Fessio was fired to make room for the new papal appointment to the school, but the deal fell through after the Vatican officials realized that the school wasn't Notre Dame. Said Guiseppi de Urnio, "we read FUMARE and realized that the people who approached us for this deal were not from the long established University we thought they were from."

After several hours of pleading, the PR folks realized that they couldn't claim that the Pope was on AMU payroll, so they had to recover and rehired Fessio back, resulting in this story.

Comments from Cardinal Merotta are forthcoming.