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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The FUMARE "Affirmatively Injurious" Contest

The last two years have been very trying for the AMSL Community. What is indisputable is that the Dean and Board of Governors have presided over the law school's apparent destruction. What is most tragic is that Board members could not break out of their busy schedules of New York-D.C. dinner parties to speak with the faculty, students or alumni in any appreciable way. I'm sure that Katie O'Beirne, Fr. Joe "The Pope is a Friend of Mine" Fessio and other Board members would take issue with the last statement. Nevertheless, the impression (if not the actuality) of their disinterest was their creation and continues to be perpetuated by them. But we here at FUMARE are not the type to lose heart, nor should you, our beloved readers!!Especially now, we--those of us who have questioned the governance of the school--need to take heart and get MOTIVATED! Let us recall the Dean's words from this morning's memo:
The relocation matter has been authoritatively resolved by our Board of Governors, and so now we can all move forward consistent with their decision and in the best interests of the Law School. Any speculation to the contrary, such as the suggestion found in an email by The Association of Ave Maria Faculty, is baseless. To be clear, Ave Maria School of Law will relocate -- it will not close and re-open a new law school. Further, our Law School will relocate in its entirety- - it will not leave behind a satellite campus or split into two law schools.

(Kinda sounds like he's a bratty kid doesn't it!) Anyway...MOTIVATION! That is what we need! Thus, to that end, FUMARE presents the "Affirmatively Injurious" Contest. Drawing upon the Dean's words (in the same memo) that "activities that are affirmatively injurious to the Law School during the course of one's employment at AMSL are not acceptable" we consider it our duty to point out such (as we have been). Now we don't expect to actually witness the Dean resigning, we will nonetheless hold him to the standard that he set forth, as we motivate others in light of the injustices suffered. So gang, go here to create your motivation poster--you can "puff" it below or email it to me at advocatusmilitaris[at]gmail[dot]com. Winners may see their poster posted on one of our sidebars-- ad perpetuam rei memoriam. Deadline: Tonight at 6:00pm Eastern Time.