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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fourth Tier Leadership

Reason doesn't move the Board of Governors. Requests for communications don't move them. The destruction of the law school they are presiding over doesn't move them. The ABA doesn't move them. So what moves them? Embarassment to their reputations and their standing in the Catholic community. Long considered the vanguard of orthodox Catholic thought in the United States, their actions with regard to Ave Maria School of Law have shown that they will accede to pragmatism, utilitarianism and sacrifice basic principles of Catholic teaching:

It has shown that the faith appears to be hobby to them--an impression created by them with no mitigation forthcoming; it has shown that their world is one of elitism where other lesser-known (but no less intelligent) scholars are not welcome; it shows their lack of care and negligence over the running of an institution of higher learning; it shows their dismissal of concerns of the major stakeholders in the success and health of the institution; it shows their love of themselves and their capitalizing on the success of the faculty and students of the law school to boost their own reputations; it shows their attitude of "let's get the hell out of here" when things get tough and tough things need to be said; it shows their lack of spine when it comes to the ruthlessness of the Chairman and Dean to get their way.

It will surely be said by new hip-ster Dean "Fourth Tier" Dobranski that these thoughts and others like it on FUMARE are insulting, counterproductive, against the mission, uncharitable, etc. He will also likely say that he doesn't read FUMARE and that it ought not be read. Further, he will opine that we are small potatoes and have no effect on the major decisions concerning the law school and its future. Make no mistake about it. We do have a profound effect on things. We are watching and we are ready through serious writing, parody, or otherwise, make known the type of people the so-called "vanguard of orthodoxy" are. We will tell all who will listen, and we will present for all who have the courage to see the facts what kind of people are Tom Monaghan, Bernard Dobranski, Kate O'Beirne, Fr. Joseph Fessio, Peter Carfagna, Gerry Bradley, Robert George, Helen Alvare, Michael Uhlmann, Cardinal Egan, Cardinal Maida, Fr. Scanlan and William Harrington.

These are people who rightly may be said to have left off basic human dignity when it mattered.