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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Fessio Affair (or, Doing Business Monaghan Style)

Few examples are a better indication of the way Monaghan does business than the Fessio Affair. For those of you who have not read any Domino's cases in Biz Orgs, Mr. Monaghan likes things done his way. As is well known know, Fr. Joe Fessio, S.J. was fired from AMU yesterday for reasons yet to be explained. What is amazing about this move is that Fessio has been a loyal soldier to Monaghan all throughout the process--Provost of the University; sitting on the AMSL Board of Governors and giving the obligatory sycophantic vote in favor of the Chairman's wishes, all the while not deigning to speak to faculty, students or alums; and most recently, making statements to the New Yorker regarding the law school, that there are some high-powered lawyers working on "legal briefs." Obviously Fr. Fessio's briefs turned out to be underoos after all. Some have opined that "before he went to sleep last night, Benedict XVI knew" and other such B.S. Whether it's true or not, who cares? In any event, I have been looking for a metaphor for the way Monaghan treats people and runs his entities--something to drive home his "my way or the highway" method of doing things, coupled with the amazing competence with which things are done, all in the name of building up the Church. I think I found it. Lest we open ourselves up to any unnecessary crtiticism or, God forbid, legal action, I have changed the names. To assist, however, allow me this small legend to aid our readers:

Dr. Evil (Tom Monaghan)
Frau Farbisina (Kate O'Beirne)
Paddy O'Brien (Nick Healy)
Mustafa (Fr. Fessio)
Mr. Bigglesworth (The Grand Plan--AMT, AMU, AMSL and all the synergy!)
The Unfreezing Process (Doing what Mr. Monaghan wants)
Location: Somewhere outside Las Vegas (Somewhere outside Naples); Virtucon (AMU)