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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dobranksi March 15, 2007 Email on Relocation

From: Dobranski, Bernard
Sent: Thu 3/15/2007 11:22 AM
To: All Law System Distribution; All Alumni
Subject: Relocation Matters

Ave Maria School of Law Community:

I am pleased to advise you that my surgery was successful and I am in the process of rehabilitation. I thank you all for your prayers and kind wishes. Because of the surgery, I was unable for some time to stay abreast of the many reactions to the announcement of our Board of Governor's decision to relocate Ave Maria School of Law to Southwest Florida. Now that I have had an opportunity to review some of that reaction, I believe it is appropriate to offer a few brief comments in response.

Let me reiterate that Ave Maria School of Law will relocate to Southwest Florida, subject to acquiescence by the American Bar Association in accordance with their rules, beginning in the 2009-2010 Academic Year. The relocation matter has been authoritatively resolved by our Board of Governors, and so now we can all move forward consistent with their decision and in the best interests of the Law School. Any speculation to the contrary, such as the suggestion found in an email by The Association of Ave Maria Faculty, is baseless. To be clear, Ave Maria School of Law will relocate -- it will not close and re-open a new law school. Further, our Law School will relocate in its entirety- - it will not leave behind a satellite campus or split into two law schools. I understand that some have claimed to be exploring the idea of establishing a new and unaccredited law school in Ann Arbor when Ave Maria School of Law relocates. Of course, that is their privilege as citizens. Naturally, activities that are affirmatively injurious to the Law School during the course of one's employment at AMSL are not acceptable. But be assured that any activities by any persons directed toward this purpose will have no bearing upon our Law School's relocation in its entirety to Southwest Florida in 2009.

I am well aware that while the relocation decision resolves a major issue there remain many details to be worked out. But the decision has been made and the time for dissent and destructive behavior has passed. To our students I say consider volunteering to be part of the transition planning but concentrate first and always on your studies. To our faculty and staff I say you are all welcome in Florida and should consider becoming involved in the transition planning. To the entire community I say that the best way to help preserve what truly matters about our Law School is to make its relocation as successful as possible. I hope that everyone, regardless of their opinion about the relocation decision and intent to move to Florida, will join together in working and praying for our Law School's successful relocation.

Dean Bernard Dobranski