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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Caveat Dollarbranski™ & Other News

Pi Day
Yesterday (3/14), was the Day of Pi. (get it? 3.14?)

Caveat Dollarbranski™
Today is the Ides of March. "N.C."™ Dollarbranski's™ memo of the day is either the ravings of a paranoid man backed up into a corner, or some saber rattling designed to put yet more intimidation into the mix. Either way, it's still rather delicious that it occurred on the Ides of March™. Such irony makes me suspect that the former is the case. To mix a few caesars and a stalin: the epileptic paranoid madman is raving because his fiddle cannot be found.

Individual Representing Self as ABA Agent Writes Students.
Meanwhile, a professor representing himself as a fact-finder appointed by the ABA has contacted students regarding an upcoming visit next week or so. His stated purpose is to investigate a Rule 24 complaint.

Eternal Rest: Bowie Kuhn

A favorite quote of Kuhn:
"You've got to develop a sense of humor," Kuhn once said in an interview. "You have to be able to stand back and laugh. That's invaluable, or you're apt to go slightly balmy."

Seems as if Dollarbranski™ and Moneyhan™ should have listened to him more. I believe Mr. Kuhn was a good guy seeking good things, may God grant him peace.

Transition Team™ Seeks Special Talent
An email from Assistant™ Dean™ Milhizer™ today requested specially talented folks to offer their assistance to the Transition Team™ (as in "transtition team™ powers ACTIVATE!").

Real Workload
FUMARE is intrested in helping to advertise the "Transmission Team"™. The Transmission Team™ will be the ones who carry the weight of a daunting task. Among other things, the "Transmission Team"™ needs the following skills most direly:

If you have any of the above skills, volunteer immediately!