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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

AM's Pep Talk for AMSL Students (I encourage my other colleagues to contribute their own!)

Professor Butterfoss from the ABA will be meeting with students today regarding the ABA Standards Investigation and it has come to our attention that some students are in need of courage. Is this true? If I had some Scotch, I would dispense it generously; alas, from this distance, there must be another way. TAKE COURAGE! Ladies and Gentlemen, you need no pep talk! You are all brilliant law students who have come to a school under the protection of Our Lord's Mother--who can be discouraged from attending? If reports are true that the administration are trying to "stack the deck" don't let 'em! Be in Room 269 at 4PM and tell this investigator--for that is what he is--the truth. Tell him that the Administration and Board have presided over the splitting of this community and have been affirmatively injurious to the institution over the past 2 years. Tell him of its impact on you and the distractions that you likely have to deal with.

The Administration and all the "impressive people" on the Board may be big, powerful and scary (might I add ugly). Truly, you might even be tempted to think that they could squish you like a bug for being "affirmatively injurious." There is only one way to act in such a situation--stare down the sons of bitches and take them on! Tell the truth.

God Bless us everyone!