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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Alumni Assoc Pres. Vernon Takes Head from Sand, Places in Ass

more to follow...

During a four and a half hour meeting:

1) Alex wanted to be quoted as saying that if the alumni board had been more respectful in its communications to the Board of Governors, perhaps the outcome of the Board of Governors vote to move the school would have been different.

2) Repeatedly said that the alumni board is subject to the Board of Governors, and needs to be deferential to the decision that was made during this transition phase.

3) He didn't tell the rest of the alumni board that he was going to Florida because the rest of the alumni board was not of the mindset to support the school.

4) In traveling to Florida without comunicating to the rest of alumni (think ultra vires), he was representing the interests of the Board of Governors as well as alumni. He felt it was important for himself to be in Florida to represent support for the Board of Governors as the president of the alumni association.

5) Alex does not intend to follow resolutions of the alumni board even if passed by 9 members. (think ultra vires)

6) Alex is not in favor of limiting himself in what he may say or who he may represent in his capacity as alumni association president.

The alumni board did pass a resolution (the only nays being Alex and Ermin) against ultra vires statements to be made by the president -- furthermore, alumni board members, including the president, must disclaim speaking in official capacity without authorization. Alex said he'll "try" to follow that resolution.

Alex believes that the alumni have a duty to back-up anything the Board of Governors does. (Nuremberg anyone?)

Congratulations, here's your president, folks:

Use your imagination to fill-in what the rest of the four hours were like.