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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

St. Valentine's Day Question: Should You Marry a Lawyer?

Should You Marry a Lawyer? A Couple’s Guide to Balancing Work, Love & Ambition.” That’s the title of a 2003 book by Dr. Fiona Travis, an Ohio psychologist who is married to a lawyer.

“Do lawyers really have problems building and sustaining relationships?” asks the promotional materials. “Yes, because the same traits that contribute to a lawyer’s success can interfere with their achieving meaningful, intimate relationships at home.” The book purportedly teaches its readers, among other things:

* How lawyers differ from the rest of us.
* How to argue with your lawyer . . . and survive.
* How to keep billable hours from destroying your marriage.

Here’s a book blurb from a lawyer’s wife: “When Jacob and I got married, I had every intention of being a supportive spouse. And I was . . . in the beginning. But I wasn’t prepared for how much my husband’s law practice demanded of our lives. As time went on, he became so focused on his goals, it was as if our marriage was only about the law.”

O Fumare readers, is it really true that lawyers are losers when it comes to love? Is being married to a lawyer more difficult that being married to, say, an accountant?

N.B. This post liberally plagarized from the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog, which is available by subscription only and therefore not linkable. Mea minima culpa.