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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Saving Ave Maria School of Law: Accepting The Burden Laid Upon Us

Fumare was originally founded to be a place for comment upon law, culture and Catholicism--laced with pipe smoke and scotch, of course! Yet, in the past several years a heavy burden has been laid upon our shoulders, namely, the voice of conscience and truth in the controversy that currently envelops Ave Maria School of Law. This was a burden to which we have prayerfully and respectfully submitted. Truly, some have called us "Radio Free Ave," and that is indeed what we are! Dropping pamphlets from our cyberspace B-52, we serve as an information outlet where communication has otherwise been stifled.

We reiterate these oft-cited points for the benefit of our readers, especially those coming here for the first time. Likewise, we have decided to raid our vault and release footage of our meeting that took place shortly after Charlie Rice was fried...I mean...fired from the Board of Governors. This meeting footage--never before released--provides a rare glimpse at a turning point and momentum shift, that will be sure once again to agitate Dean "No Confidence" Dobranski, Chairman "Notre Dame in 30 Minutes or Less" Monaghan and Alumni President "Head in Sand" (testainsabbiare) Vernon and their small cadre of supporters (i.e., the Board of Governors).

Special thanks to Casimir Pulaski who co-wrote this post. If it flops, it is because of his insertion of Italian into the post.

Dean, we especially hope that you enjoy this footage. To make sure that we do not expose ourselves to any unnecessary liability, we have substituted "Wormer" for "Dobranski."

(We'll never get out of Double Secret Probation now!)