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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, February 12, 2007

New Yorker Talks Monaghan

This week's edition of The New Yorker magazine has an article titled "The Deliverer" in the "Annals of Religion" section about "A pizza mogul’s Catholic crusade."

We think The New Yorker should have placed it online so we could drive some traffic to their site, but alas, as of now, it's print only.

We've heard that copies were circulated to students and it was commented to be a good article.

"Good" can be taken a number of ways, but the excerpts I've read suggest it to be something else.

Excerpts and analysis to appear here as available, but you might want to give the article a peek for yourself if you see this week's copy somewhere.


Here's some fair use snippets from the version circulated within the community, having not seen the newsstand print version, it's unclear whether the version circulated is totally identical.

I'm sorry, but even in context, it's not very clear about what those "high powered" people would be writing briefs.

Either way, it appears to be a frivolous waste of cash to be paying million-dollar lawyers to write briefs instead of merely fulfilling promises.

That is, if these quotes are accurate, Monaghan is basically paying lawyers to undo his promises to fund the Ann Arbor school. It's sad because it would be cheaper to fulfill his own words -- a little duty Catholics in the big time often overlook -- words mean something. So much do words mean something that a whole Commandment is dedicated to their proper use when pledging to others.

I guess for us normal people, we are supposed to be scared that "briefs" are being written in unnamed causes of action... I suppose if we weren't the best lawyers, we would be.

It's hard to be scared when the facts, the law, and the morals are on your side, though.

(N.B. that is a fair use snippet above -- please visit the link to New Yorker to see all of the article as it covers a lot more than the law school and is a lot longer).