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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Moneyhan Forces Decision, Orders "Transition"

"The decision has been made, we must now get behind the [decision/founder] and support the mission."

long version that discusses how to make equivalents, and notices that actual command is hidden.

Rhetorical equivalents:

1) You must subject yourself to the decision because it was not yours to make and you have a duty to support it.

2) Because we are not behind the founder, but those people made the decision, some moral duty demands we support it or we are not supporting the mission.

3) [Get behind / Shut up about / Adopt the language of] the decision or you are not supporting the mission.

and, my favorite (and least intrusively rendered):

4) The moral duty says you must subject yourself to the decision/founder, because those people made that decision, and if you don't, you aren't Catholic because you don't support the mission.

Reading Comprehension Questions:
1) Is there any language that describes why the moral duty applies to anyone?
2) Can the moral duty to act be understood to be caused by the Church?
3) If yes to 3, what is the likely response of someone who is complying with the command to someone who is not?
4) Is joining the "transition team" the only way one can comply with that command?

Compare this tactic to the following phrase: "Stalin's committee has studied all options thoroughly and decided that catholics are not Russians. The decision has been made, we must get behind Stalin's decision and support mother Russia."

and, "Internal police forces are currently forming a transition team to assist in the execution of the decision. All loyal Russians are encouraged to volunteer to work on the team in order to help this decision be executed smoothly. Internal forces will be gathering names of loyal Russians who indicate thier interest in helping mother Russia."