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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Character and Courage from the True Heart of AMSOL

February 22, 2007—Ann Arbor


The Association of Ave Maria Faculty remains committed to providing a sound program of legal education in Ann Arbor, Michigan in accord with ABA Standards and the teachings of the Catholic Church as envisioned in Ex Corde Ecclesiae. That, and no other, is the vision of the law school community demanded by our faith and avowed mission.

In an effort to promote the best interests of this community—most importantly the interests of the students and alumni who provide the true reason for the Law School’s existence—we are continuing our efforts to explore all possible avenues of maintaining our program of legal education in Ann Arbor.

During the last 48 hours, faculty have been contacted by hundreds of alumni who support and wish to join in this endeavor. We have also been contacted by many others who support our efforts. We ask for your prayers, your support, and your full participation in the efforts we will engage in to foster our community and, together, to advance the law school.

Yours in Christ,

The Association of Ave Maria Faculty


Professor Joseph L. Falvey, Jr.
Telephone: 734 . 827 . 7932
E-mail: A2Faculty AT gmail DOT com

NOTE the email address for your records.

Thank you Prof. Falvey and The Association of Ave Maria Faculty for your courage and constant example of Catholic principle.