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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

AMSL Alumni Board President Buries Head in Sand!

Ann Arbor (AP)--The motto of Ave Maria School of Law is Fides et Ratio ("faith and reason"). Given the battering that the school has taken over the last 24 months, for many it is going to take a lot of faith to stand by Mr. Monaghan's reasons for desiring a move of the school to Florida. Yet for others, it it is not so much a matter of faith, but a matter of duty. Last evening, the Alumni Board had their monthly meeting and a source close to the Board indicated some very interesting facts that demonstrate the position of the body's President.

It is no secret that the current President, Mr. Alex Vernon, was extremely critical of the Alumni Board's "No Confidence" vote in Dean Dobranski. Last year, he proffered the theory--with now fellow Board member Mr. Brian Hoeing--that the action was "ultra vires." Sources, speaking only on the condition of anonymity, tell AP that Mr. Vernon maintained what appears to be an unwavering allegiance to Dobranski and Monaghan by questioning the dissemination of the Falvey Report. The sources further indicated that Mr. Vernon refused to read the Report and, at this writing, has still not done so, because he believed that the contents of the Report were "confidential." This, contrary to the wishes of the Report's author, Professor Joseph Falvey, who wished broad dissemination of his report. When the question arose as to how to better inform alumni who have not obtained the Report by making it available to them, Mr. Vernon indicated that he did not want to facilitate such an action. This after the Report has been in the public domain for several weeks now.

"This is not good news for alumni and others who wish to make an informed opinion on the matter," said Shelly Dubinski, President of the Alumni Association of Emily Dickinson College. "For the President of the Alumni Board to take a position of essentially 'burying his head in the sand'--it does not inspire confidence or leadership." This view was echoed by Prof. Stanislaus Karlowicz, Professor of Communications at the Collegio San Ignazio. "Disseminating all information from both sides is so important for such a momentous decision. Good, bad, ugly, the information needs to get out so that the interested parties can decide for themselves--especially since it is already in the public domain. Besides, employing the shibboleth of "confidentiality" as a reason not to read or disseminate publicy available information amounts to cowardice--cowardice because the President might have to actually face the fact that his position is wrong." Sarah Leibowitz, a student at the University of Michigan majoring in media relations, commented: "I am working on a paper on this very controversy right now. This is like the Paris Hilton sex tape--so similar it is scary! I mean, what was supposed to be a private act between two people in a relationship, turned out to be a betrayal of that trust and confidentiality when it was broadcast to the world on the internet. I see the similarity here between Paris and the betrayal she must have felt, and the same with Board of Governors and Dean."

Whether Ms. Leibowitz's analogy holds true or not is arguable. What is not arguable is that this continuing story involves whores and people getting screwed.