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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pull Out Your Rosary Beads . . .

I have just returned from a private screening of the new film "Bella" set to be released in April. Those of us who keep an eye on the culture have been wondering when the next Passion of the Christ will be made. Sure, Narnia and The Nativity Story made a go, but they were not in the same league in terms of cultural impact and sheer artistic beauty. Mel kept us waiting for Apocalypto which turned out to be interesting, but hardly what his audience was hoping to see. So who will take the mantle?

Enter "Bella."

This film is perhaps one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen, on many levels. I don't want to give a spoiler, but leave it to say that I suspect that this film will be controversial and will be one of those rare films which make a powerful impact on the culture. So far it has won the Toronto Film Fest and I predict (and pray) that it will take the Oscars this time next year.

Please pray also that this film becomes a record setting film at the box office. The Executive Producer is the same that did the Passion of the Christ, and the creative team are a band of daily mass goers who founded Metanoia Films.

I spoke to the producer after the film to congratulate him and comment on a very quick shot in the film during a scene on the subway. The shot was of three CFR's with their long beards and smiley faces. I happened to recognize one of them as Fr. Luke. When I mentioned this to the Producer he told me that they (the makers of the film) stayed with the CFR's in New York during the 20 some odd days it took to shoot the film.

Please pray that this creative team becomes THE hottest thing in Hollywood - they don't just have good intentions, they have a profound vision and real creative talent.

Please get the buzz out about this film and see it opening weekend with 12 of your closest friends.

As a side note to my fellow Catholic lawyers seeking to change the culture, I give you Leo Severino, the young lawyer and producer of this film. Here is a guy who is Catholic and has integrated his faith profounding into his career.
Here is an article for more background on the making of this extraordinary film to inspire your own challenge to bring your Faith and legal training together. And here is a link to a number of catechetical talks Mr. Severino has given to Catholic youth interested in Hollywood.
Hat tip to Coragio.