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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dean Dobranski Unhinged

This in from a credible source:

Today there was a 1L seminar on grades and study abroad. The Dean spoke and basically hijacked seminar, even went over five minutes into Adolphe's class so he could have the entire class listening to his rant. Said that Fumare/bloggers enemeies of school, said the move is a good thing and that people who are againts the move are against the school. School's fluctuate and change all the time and those opposing the move oppose the school.

This was sent to Fumare. You be the judge.

UPDATE: From another emailer:

Nobody I know seems to have that impression. Frankly, none of the first years have the slighest idea whats going on on that front, or are really involved, so if he did say anything, which I haven't heard this rumor substantiated yet, why he would say it to the lot of them is beyond me. Its also out of character...Its probably true, but probably not terribly accurate in its interpretation.