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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

DEFENSE ATTY SAYS: Canadian murder suspect was counting DAYS, not Victims

NEW WESTMINSTER. Several days into the murder trial of Canadian pig farmer, Robert William Pickton, startling explanations are being produced by the defense.

Earlier in the trial, police revealed evidence about some counting Pickton revealed to an undercover policeman in his jail cell:
It was said that an undercover police officer was also placed in Pickton's jail cell. Pickton made a hand signal to the undercover officer using five fingers on one hand and a "zero" with the other that was believed to indicate 50.

Police say that he was trying to indicate that he wanted to kill 50 victims. His Defense attorney, Peter Richie, says it was nothing like that, but rather Pickton was relaying a hostage day count to someone he believed was another inmate.

Said Ritchie, "Pickton was relaying that it was Day 50 of the Falvey Report Hostage Crisis. Pickton was very interested in international farming markets, and had become glued to the saga developing behind the Hail Mary Enterprises, Inc. take over of Immokallee. He, and many others in Vancouver have been counting days that the Hail Mary admin has held the so-called Falvey Report hostage, as they are very interested in its contents."

Police admit that they were unaware of the hostage situation, but have dropped the testimony and begun to relay the day count to each other in similar fashion to Pickton's hand gestures.

Ritchie continued by adding that "betting pools have developed as to when the report would be released. My client had three positions: one at Day 50, one at day 74, and one at Day 120. Thus, he was very excited that it was Day 50 at that point."

Upon leaving the interview, Mounty Robertson held up five fingers on one hand and five fingers on the other. Day 55, eh.