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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Thanks Deano!!

Well, we've all seen the communications from the Dean, HERE , sent shortly before Christmas -- though surprisingly not on a Friday afternoon -- about all the goings-on pertaining to the Florida move decision. Although there is much that can be discussed, particularly how the last communication seems like some good 'ol pump primin' in advance of a recommendation to move (and I'll leave aside the usual MO employed to announce a meeting of Alumni with select Board members with little notice and shortly after a holiday), I wish to focus on only one aspect.

The Dean, as always, attempts to set himself up as the channel through which all communications shall travel. Well, I like to have many roads before me leading to Rome, and, though you have earned our trust completely, Dean Dobranski [cough, choke, whispers of no confidence votes], one would be remiss not to provide our Alumni and students who visit this site a few other addresses, worth cc'ing on any communication to the Dean about the Board decision:

wfharrington@bpslaw.com (BJ Harrington)

kuhnb@msn.com (Bowie Kuhn)

peggy.ward@archny.org (Edward Cardinal Egan)

Gerard.V.Bradley.16@nd.edu (Gerard Bradley)

alvare@cua.edu (Helen Alvare)

jrandolph@avemariafoundation.org (Thomas Monaghan)

jdfsj@ignatius.com (Father Joseph Fessio)

Kate@nationalreview.com (Kate O'Beirne)

Michael.uhlmann@cgu.edu (Michael Uhlmann)

pcarfagna@calfee.com (Peter Carfagna)

rgeorge@Princeton.edu (Robert George)

Although probably not a complete list, I am certain the Dean does not oppose some direct communication. After all, as the Dean says, "it is vital that [the Board] continue to hear directly from the people who would be most affected by this decision," and "[f]or that reason [the Board] continue[s] to welcome and invite your input."

Let's lay it on 'em, lest they say we were not interested in the future of our Alma Mater.