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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Run, Sam, Run!

TM to assist Sen. Brownback for a presidential run. All I can say is, "Run, Sam, Run!"

Monaghan's most important role would be delivering that message to wealthy, like-minded potential campaign donors. Most analysts say the lack of a fundraising network confines Brownback to second-tier status in a crowded GOP field. Brownback is counting on Monaghan to change that.

"I hope he'll help us in a number of ways, with people he knows around the country," Brownback said.

A key will be Legatus, a lay group for conservative Catholic CEOs
that Monaghan founded. The organization has more than 5,000 members....

"That's the blue-chip group," said William Donohue, the president of
the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, a conservative group on whose board of advisers Monaghan sits. "In Legatus, he's got thousands of members who are all Catholics, all well-to-do. This is the cream of the Catholic community. And they all have friends. You talk about where to go for fundraising, there's a list there that's been around for a number of years."

AM's Observations:

1.) Monaghan? Fundraising? In the same sentence? Apparently, the good Mr. Monaghan's talents in soliciting donors was not applied to the law school. Too bad.

2.) Legatus = "the cream of the Catholic community?" Way to go Bill. Although you do wonderful work, once again, you have demonstrated your obvious tendency to be a whore when it comes to the wealthy. To be sure, the wealthy have souls and many of the members of Legatus are wonderful and loving people and good Catholics. I am also positive that many of their good works are done without fanfare or the seeking of accolades. However, the obsequiousness to power, wealth and prestige that is constantly displayed by the "Catholic leaders" of this country continues to be revolting.

Note to Bill Donohue: The "cream of the Catholic community" are the moms that stay at home and raise their children, the grandmothers that attend daily Mass, the men (white and blue collar) who say the rosary with their children in the evenings--handing on their faith, the humble middle-aged woman who works at a crisis-pregnancy center and spends her day talking a teenager out of an abortion, the faithful priest who wakes in the middle of the night to anoint a dying soul, and the faithful sister who washes the floor of her convent and prays for peace.

This article tends to show us more how these Catholics view themselves. Run, Sam, Run!