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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Recent Posts

Fumare has often been taken to task for the irreverence with which we comment on things. I in particular. It is true that we contributors all have different tastes, interests and modes of expression. I wrote an apologia some time ago on the subject. Recently, several posts have drawn the ire of those who have engaged in the debate over the future of Ave Maria School of Law--specifically those who are on the Monaghan-Dobranski side of the debate. I have been called upon by some of our regular readers to delete some of the "puffs" of smoke from the comment boxes. These readers have argued that the debate has shifted in tone and is now more of a distraction than substantive. For the record, I do not delete and/or censor comments that appear under my posts. I let the commentors speak for themselves. What I observe is that most of the argument and debate occurring under these recent posts are by those who are not regular Fumare contributors (by "regular contributors" I mean Ryder, Phlogizo, TheLawDog, Thales, etc.). Most of the debate has occurred back and forth by visitors. A quick scan of the "puffs" will demonstrate which group of people is the more vitriolic--something that is routinely leveled toward me and the blog. (Besides, I only report AP stories!) So, dear readers, do not lose heart! See the mental Philistines for who they are and continue to enjoy our scintillating coverage of all things that interest us! No smoke of Satan here--just an aromatic cavendish cum odore suavitatis ascendat!