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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Message From Dean Dobranski

December 15, 2006

To the Law School Community:

Earlier this year some unidentified faculty members filed a complaint with the American Bar Association raising a variety of issues, and the Law School filed a response disputing the allegations. Since many facts are in dispute, the ABA has understandably decided to send a "Fact Finder" to the law school to gather additional information regarding these disputed matters. It is our understanding that the ABA treats the fact--finding process itself confidentially and we intend to do the same. We will, however, keep the law school community advised of developments that can and should be shared publicly.

Dean Bernard Dobranski
President and Dean

Tommy's Note:

It seems that the school, in its response to the faculty complaint, did not "establish that it is operating in compliance with the Standards." Keep in mind: ABA Rules of Procedure, Rule 24(e)(v):

If the school's response does not establish that it is operating in compliance with the Standards on the matters raised by the report, the Consultant or designee, with the concurrence of the chairperson of the Accredidation Committee, will appoint a fact finder to visit the school to investigate the issues raised by the report and the school's response. The report, school response, and the fact-finder's report shall be referred to the Accredidation Committee and considered in the same manner as reports and reviews that fall under Rule 11(a) of the Rules of Procedure. [emphasis mine]

Further, it is curious that the Dean would call the faculty members who filed the complaint "unidentified." According to Rule 24(b)(iii):

Anonymous reports will not be considered.

Perhaps he was being charitable in not releasing their names, but it certainly is not the case that this was an anonymous complaint.