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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fessio Endorses Faculty Resolution

By tacit agreement, that is, by asserting the same facts as the AMSOL faculty, Fr. Fessio endorses the AMSOL Faculty's findings regarding the poor location of Immokalee. See the second quote for that answer. The first quote is self-evident:
"The number of academically qualified students mature enough in their faith to respond to what we have to offer here is relatively small," Fessio wrote.

It's probably difficult to find people who want to live in TM's secular monastery in any age group, let alone college students. Maybe they should have gotten a good feasibility study, or maybe they should have asked the AMSOL faculty, who seem better able to understand factors affecting enrollment:
"When you add this to the fact that we are presently still a rather small and unaccredited institution a long way from most population centers in the U.S., with a limited number of majors, it's clear to me that our growth will necessarily be slow over the next few years."

(see WhoseAMSOL for the story)
Note the message: "a long way from most population centers"

Fessio said the top reasons for the departure of students are academic and disciplinary dismissal.

Disciplinary Dismissal? Really?

now that's interesting. What could that mean?

See the answer in this quote:
The average SAT scores for incoming freshman are between 1200 and 1218, Fessio said. Students must also maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher to stay in school.
AMU has strict behavioral policies to which some students fresh out of their childhood homes have difficulty complying. Some more troublesome rules include boundaries on male/female interaction and the requirement that students must live on-campus throughout their college years.
But don't expect those rules to change, Fessio said.

boundaries on male/female relationships?
Too many boys staring at the back of women's knees?

"We've experienced that some students come here, and it's not as lively as they had hoped, and they leave.

I can't imagine why... retirees tell good war stories, but there's not much to do in Immokalee other than dodge assisted living and pick tomatoes, or go to Naples and shop in stores priced for six-figure incomes.

And trolling for babes can have a whole new meaning when they use walkers and 4-point canes.

But alas, one might think the problem was that college kids want to be college kids not retirees. And they don't see the need to fund an unaccredited school when they could go to one in a city (like Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, or even *gasp* South Bend) that offers so much more -- but that's what was said even 5 years ago.