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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Pro-Life Democrats? Not Bloody Likely

Right to Life of Michigan publishes a Voter's Guide which includes all the candidates endorsed by Right to Life. Right to Life's website proclaims: "Both Democrats and Republicans are endorsed by the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee. Your life counts! Please choose to make your vote count for life."

Now, I suppose it is possible that there is such a thing as a real pro-life Democrat, but in my experience in Michigan, I haven't seen any. My family used to dutifully vote for the pro-life Democrat candidates recommended by Right to Life, but then we started noticing that these same "pro-life" Democrats were far more Democrat than they were pro-life. Sure, these pro-life Democrats would support pro-life legislation (and even co-author it) in the Michigan legislature, but these same "pro-life" legislators would then publicly support pro-abortion Democrats like Jennifer Granholm, Debbie Stabenow, Carl Levin, and John Kerry.

How is it that a pro-life Democrat can support pro-life legislation, but also support a Democratic Governor who proudly vetoes such legislation, or support a Democratic Senate candidate who applies a pro-abortion litmus test on judicial nominees? A true pro-lifer could never vote (as well as campaign) for radically pro-abortion Democrats.

I encourage you all to look at the Michigan Right to Life's Voter's Guide, but I don't recommend voting for any candidate that has a "D" next to his name.

UPDATE: Father Frank Pavonne's Priests for Life takes a similar approach. In its voter's guide, Father Pavonne states:

"Voting with a clear conscience also means that you consider how the outcome of the election in which you vote affects the balance of power. In other words, elections do not only put individual candidates into power; they put political parties into power. And it is not only the candidates who have positions. So do the parties.

The same questions, then, that you ask about the candidates’ positions on fundamental issues have to be asked of the party. What is the platform of that party? Is it possible that the balance of power might shift as a result of the outcome of this particular race? Keep in mind that the party that is in power controls the committees responsible for initiating legislation. A pro-abortion party will not normally allow pro-life legislation to come forward, no matter how pro-life the individual lawmakers may be. Do not just look at whether the candidate is pro-life. Consider whether or not, if he or she wins, the pro-abortion party will come into power."