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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Odd Election Results

Just about everyone is focused on which candidates won, but I think the ballot issues spoke much more about what really happened.

CA Prop 87 - tax on oil. NO.

CO domestic Partnership: NO 73% Gay Marraige: NO 56% No Legal Marijuana. Colorado kicked ass.

MI Prop 2 Ban Affirmative Action. MI had no Gay Marriage Issues on the ballot. MI also canned the education pork grab by 80%.

MT, NV, OH and several other states - Minimum Wage Increases. YES. Everywhere it was presented, the minimum wage was raised.

TN No Marijuana, same with Colorado.

WI, VA banned same sex marraige.

TWO issues don't make much sense with the rest of the results, and both occurred in the Midwest:

1. MO passed embryonic stem cell research measures.

2. OH passed a state-wide smoking ban (one far more aggressive than California's) and turned down exceptions for bars and similar establishments.

Both of those are liberal results.

OH had a lot of liberal results... enough to make one think they aren't a red state by any means.

Ohio by far had the strangest results. All of the other states put democrats into office out of spite. Ohio seems to have done it by preference, given the other ballot issue results.

Life goes on -- I think we're gonna be hearing strange stories about Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton vying for camera time.

Whatever else the vote was (perhaps an ultra vires vote of no confidence in flaccid republicans), I don't think it was carte blanche adoption of liberals. It should probably be viewed as a wake up call to some of our idiots rolling around on the ground.

Sadly, one candidate who was not flaccid was Ken Blackwell, who was basically attacked by his own republicans in the primaries. Maybe the Republicans in Ohio can figure out that Ken was the best thing they had going, but their own smear campaigns against him damgaged them irreparably for the general election - he may even be the best 08 Republican candidate, really (can anyone else se him as Palmer from 24?).

On the other hand, given much of the laxity in DC over the border, the massive entitlements this current regime has given, maybe the candidates from the dems will be a little more fiscally responsible than what we've had... who knows.


it all fits together in some wierd twisted way....