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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

AMSL Faculty Communique

[This email was sent by the undersigned to the Ave Maria School of Law community--alumni included. The Ave Maria School of Law Board of Governors should be embarrassed at the way they and the administration and the consultors have treated these legal scholars.]

Dear students, staff, and alumni of Ave Maria School of Law:

We write to share with you a copy of a resolution that 11 members of the faculty submitted to the Board of Governors in connection with its meeting on Wednesday, September 27.

The purpose of the resolution was to express our collective opposition to the Board’s present consideration of a relocation of the Law School to Ave Maria Town in Florida, and to provide some of the reasons for our opposition. The faculty was concerned that its collective judgment would not be presented to the Board at its September meeting. Faculty had repeatedly sought a group meeting with the consultants (in addition to and not as a substitute for the meetings that the consultants were conducting with individual faculty members). We thought that the judgment of the community of scholars that is the faculty ought to be considered. The consultants refused to hold such a meeting.

Under the circumstances, we anticipated that the resulting study would not accurately convey the faculty’s concerns regarding the proposed relocation. We therefore deemed it best to communicate directly to the Board. The attached resolution, which was signed by a substantial majority of the resident voting faculty (11 out of 16) was transmitted to each member of the Board on Tuesday, September 26, so that the stated concerns could be considered during the Board’s deliberations the following day. As of yet, we have not received any response from the Board to our resolution.

Regrettably, the study prepared by Deans Read and White makes no mention either of the faculty’s submission of the attached resolution or of the specific concerns addressed therein. Since, as we expected, the study’s presentation of our concerns is inaccurate (indeed, highly so), we have decided to make the resolution public so that each member of the Law School community may understand some of the reasons why we oppose the Board’s consideration of the proposed relocation at this time. We certainly would appreciate any feedback that any of you wish to offer.

Within the next few weeks, the faculty will prepare and circulate a more detailed response addressing the numerous deficiencies of the study. In the interim, we ask that you join us in praying for the intercession of our Blessed Mother on behalf of our beloved school.

Richard Myers
Professor of Law

Stephen Safranek
Professor of Law

Joseph L. Falvey, Jr.
Professor of Law

Mollie Murphy
Associate Professor of Law

[See above courtesy of Tommy More.]