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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Time for a new search engine.

The political bias of the geeks striving to build Web 2.0 is becoming more and more apparent. According to World Net Daily, YouTube has blocked access to a controversal political advertisement mocking the Clinton Administration for its appeasement overtures to North Korea. YouTube blocked access by flagging the video for objectionable content, which requires users to sign in to verify that they are not minors. The video, however, contains no objectionable content. In fact, the video is quite good and I recommend that you watch it, if you can. WND's article also details Google's method of deriding the Bush administration by linking the president's name to less-than-desireable serach terms.

Not only do these tactics render the services unreliable, but it makes me wonder why I patronize them at all. Google's recent purchase of YouTube for $1.65 billion is only going to make matters worse. It is rather frightening if you think about it. Many internet users consider Google to be the definitive source for what exists on the internet.

Sadly, even Fumare patronizes Google. We should find a new home.

(Hat tip: Drudge.)

FOLLOW-UP: Robert Cox: When will the right recognize the cost of conceding Web 2.0? A must read for any conservtive blogger.

(Hat tip: E.M.)