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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Posthumous Fumarista (19th Century FUMARE)

This guy was certainly way ahead of his time.

M. Klaes of Rotterdam amassed a large fortune in the linen trade during the latter part of the last [19th] century. His hobby was collecting pipes, and during his eighty years he smoked over four tons of tobacco and consumed a half-million quarts of beer. Just before he died, he made his own will, in which he invited all the smokers of the country to attend his funeral and receive two pipes and ten pounds of tobacco, for smoking during his funeral.

[that's cool -- imagine the scene that made]

Finally, he directed that his casket "be lined with cedar of his old Havana cigarboxes, and a box of old Dutch tobacco should be placed at the foot of his coffin; his favorite pipe and a box of matches at his side, 'as one does not know what might happen.'"

Truly, this man was way ahead of his time -- indeed, he beat FUMARE to the punch by a little over a century. ...and the damn busybodies today tell us tobacco is bad...

****On another suspensful note...

M. Zalesky of Poland died fifty years ago [from 1894], leaving property valued at 100,000 roubles. His will was enclosed in an envelope directing it to be opened after his death. Inside there was another envelope, "To be opened six weeks after death." When that time had elapsed the second envelope was opened and a third one found, "To be opened on year after death." A fourth ws discovered at the end of the year, "To be opened two years later"; and so it went on until 1894, when the actual will was discovered and read.

My kind of men.