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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Miscellany and Nugacities

Some items on a different note...

Today I have three things to report: 1) I saw a cool bumper sticker and made some chicks jealous (women crack me up); 2) Michigan issued a shotgun to me; and, 3) I have a list for your emergency preparedness.


As I was driving today, I happened to notice a bumper sticker that made me chuckle...

I hadn't seen that particular bumper sticker before, nor even seen any official stuff taking aim at the otherwise gay-oriented "pride" stickers. I was laughing. Then I notice it was a gal driving, so I decided I had to ask her about it...

Several traffic lights later, I was talking out the passenger window to her as our cars were side by side at a red light (I stopped next to hers... but then again she made it very easy to talk to her). She was pleasant and after some chatting about it, told me tht she gets cut off, yelled at, and otherwise abused for the sticker.

Turns out you can get your own at cafe press.

I had to laugh, though, because in the next few blocks some other drivers (all of whom were women) made fantastic efforts to get my attention after seeing me chat with this gal. One driving a very large SUV nearly clipped my bumper as she pulled up beside me to slow down and look at me, smile, and try to talk to me then closed passenger window. amazing.


Several weeks have passed, and I now have Michigan plates on my truck instead of the temp tags. Upon learning that I also recently bought a Carhartt jacket, the Secretary of State sent me this notice: "Dear CASIMIR, Welcome to full Michigan residency. Please accept parcel delivery of your state-issued twelve gauge shotgun in the next few days pursuant to MCL 603.99827(c)(3)." Attached to the notice was a hunting license and a map and a small card explaining items that ought to be found in one's truck at any time.

As I looked up the statute, I am now required to wear either the Carhartt, or "a jacket of similar construction with ownership traceable to sale at Cabela's, Meijer, a Michigan-based tractor farm and fleet supply, or similar store situated with ownership in the state of Michigan." A brief review of cases also shows that a weather-lined flannel or flannel pattern fleece jacket suffices in alternative, so long as purchase requirements are met.

Pretty exciting if you ask me.


Opting for an international emergency preparedness kit, I now have the following items available for emergencies in my office desk, my vehicles, and my deer stand:
  1. Hockey stick / helmet
  2. Emergency bacon / maple syrup
  3. False teeth (see hockey gear)
  4. Parka / winter hat (year round, and conforming to MCL requirements listed above)
  5. Mouth guard (for when the elk/moose/deer/college student you just hit comes through your windshield)
  6. Tire chains (year round -- not necessary in desk)
  7. Case of beer (Molson, some in the trunk, one can in your hand while driving)
  8. Razor and soap (just kidding)
  9. Antifreeze (for your beer)
  10. Snowshoes (on the roof ski-rack)
  11. Eight flannel shirts (aka, your entire closet)
  12. Bright orange hunter's vest
  13. Extra winter boots (on the dash)