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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lurid IM

An undisclosed source has recently sent Fumare some lurid IMs. We're not sure who the characters are or what they are referring to, but we thought it significant enough to post.

PolishBoy: what are we gonna do about CR?
Lassy: who cares? he's senile anyway
PapaJoe: LOL
Lassy: i'm concerned about fumare
PapaJoe: those little bastards don't realize what they are doing to our project--there killing us
PapaJoe: do they actually think it is their school?
PolishBoy: that's the point, lassy! i thik CR is in league with those little [edited for taste]!
30_min_or_less: when can we move you guys?
PapaJoe: that's just it, 30min, polishboy can't make any moves until fumare is shut down. are you working on that polishboy?
PolishBoy: our it guys are monitoring them day and night and I have golden boy working behind the scenes.
Lassy: i have an idea...polish i'm gonna need your help...
PolishBoy: :)
PolishBoy: i love it when lassy has an idea...it is so very delicious
[Lassy signed off at 4:15pm]
PolishBoy: besides, i have the faculty right where i want them.
PapaJoe: that still doesn't account for the fact that fumare gets information out before we do. you aren't going to do this at my university polishboy!
PolishBoy: listen papa, i'm in charge of the law school! YOU HEAR ME! IT'S MINE!
30_min_or_less: what's that you say polishboy?
PolishBoy: sorry, sir.
30_min_or_less: you better shut down that damn blog and both of you better rememebr who butters your bread
[30_min_or_less signed off at 4:25pm]
[PolishBoy signed off at 4:26pm]