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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

History Repeats OR Monaghan still giving same Hand Signals to Underling Managers

Especially on the eve of the Detroit Tigers' ride to the big time, it is well worth the moment to consider that Monaghan, while owning the Tigers, was known to fire people from time to time, but always denying it ahead of time (much like moving things to Florida).

Recent hostiry sort of paved over the mess of Monaghan's idiotic decision to "not renew" the contract of Ernie Harwell, aka "the voice of the Tigers."

(does any of this sound like how they treated Charlie Rice yet?)

Wikipedia has a small blurb, "In a controversial move, Harwell's contract was "non-renewed" by the Tigers and then-flagship station WJR in 1991, but a popular outcry led to his partial reinstatement on the team's television broadcasts the following year, after the Tigers franchise was purchased by Detroit businessman Mike Ilitch. He resumed full-time radio duties with the team from 1999 to 2002."

The story is a little more connected, however. For some time prior to Harwell's release/firing/term limits from the Tigers, Monaghan and President Bo Schembechler denied they planned to change the sportscasters. But, at the end of the 1990 season, Ernie was informed by Tiger President Bo Schembechler that the team wanted to go in a "new direction". Harwell was told he could announce the Tiger games until the end of the 1991 season.

The then 76 yr old Harvell was to be replaced by young guys who could push product placement ads during the game (make money).

(Does this sound like any plans to make all kinds of cash in the sagging Florida real estate market?)

Ironically, right hand minion, Dob... I mean Schembechler, was heralded and publicly spoke on "principles, values" and all of the usual moral talk. Funny how they didn't care what people thought -- they were going to do what Monaghan wanted.

Harwell was returned to the Tigers in 92. Maybe Monaghan could remember that story when thinking about the law school. uhh... maybe he won't though because WJR required Schembechler be fired for the act -- that means Bernie would have to go like Schembechler did in 1992.

Moreover, doesn't it sound a lot like what they did to Professor Rice, too (firing old hall of famers in favor of getting young yes-men?)

FOR MORE INFORMATION (and a nice story piece on Mr. Harwell), see Ernie Harwell and Tiger Stadium: Two old friends